Teaching Philosophy

As a mentor and a teacher, it is my philosophy to allow students to explore and propose their own solutions to concepts and ideas. I have found that the exploration and trial and error teaches students problem solving and ideas for new projects. This allows them to over reach the comfort zone and  break way from what they “think” they are capable.

This opens the door for all forms of media to be available to them, and forces them to learn and adjust through experience. It is also my belief that failures that come from this process are as important as the successes. With encouragement and understanding, the students learn better planning, importance of better materials, and taking the time to execute the work correctly. This helps reward pier interaction and collaboration. Discovery is the linch-pin of creation, and I hope to cultivate it with my students through enthusiasm, critical dialogue, offering solutions to problems and encouragement.

Here is a sample of past student work from undergrad sculpture:

Video Works available here >>

[nggallery id=15]

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